Things to do

Explore Melan Pa under water

  A very popular activity on the island is snorkling! We start of the day by picking everyone up at their hotel, then we head off to Coral Beach where we eat a quick snack consisting of fresh fruit. Next you will recieve your equipment and a short lesson on how to use them.

The ocean is yours! Check out the beautiful coral reef och enjoy a swim with the local turtles. If you´re lucky you´ll get a chance to see the very rare Melan Pa fish!

After about 3h of snorkling and exploring the water we will enjoy a lunch together at the beach before we head off to the next destination.

Last destination is Tropical Beach. Here we will get to explore the caves of the island. These caves are about 35 feet long and is a must if you visit the Melan Pa island. If you get tired of snorkling you can relax on the beach or go coconut hunting!

At 16.00 the tour bus will take us back to the hotels.

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Relaxing massage at the beach

Come to the beach and try out the amazing Melan Pa massage. This is a very relaxing activity for those who doesn’t prefer too much adventure. We offer you both medical and treating massage, such as honey and herb massage or treating raindrop massage, or maybe just a classic swedish massage? This includes a towel and a refreshing coconut drink. All our staff is educated in medical massage!