Welcome to Melan Pa Island- Only available for booking 6 months a year due to elevated water levels!

In the middle of the Indian ocean you can find Melan Pa Island, your dream destination that’s hidden beneath water 4 months a year. With that said, we need to build up the Island for every tourist season to come since the water drowns everything that’s built on the Island. It takes us about 2 months of hard work to build all the services up, such as hotels, restaurants and other important services such as hospitals. If you’re interested in learning more about ‘ The hidden Island ‘’ you’ll be able to book our guided tour every Saturday when the Island is up and going!

There are plenty of things to do and explore while on vacation at Melan Pa Island, and we promise you that you’ll never get bored! We offers experiences such as:

Snorkeling – You’ll never experience a better snorkeling tour than here on Melan Pa Island! Turquoise water, colourful wildlife and high quality instructors. 

Yoga & Meditation – You’ll be able to book yoga and meditation classes that’s being held by the sunset! 

Culture experiences – The Island offers culture that you have never seen anywhere else! Learn how to dance ‘’ Melan ‘’ – the Islands very own dance style or take a cooking class and learn how to make our national dish.

We look forward to seeing you on your next vacation, hopefully here with us at Melan Pa Island!